Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh Vintage Tree, Oh Vintage Tree...... { Christmas Tree DIY }

How lovely are your branches?  I think might are mighty lovely if I do say so myself!

As a full time working mom, my only time to snap photos (other than on the weekend when of course nothing is complete) is after the sun has gone down.  So Here are some night shots, I apologize they aren't the greatest!

I started my tree using some brown kraft paper garland that has printed music notes... I used 3 strands and wrapped them all the way down the tree.   
Then I grabbed a fun banner from one of my favorite antique shops in town, it Read's "Joy Noel Nest" which is perfect for someone that has a love for all things birds and nests!  (just ask the hubs)

Once I had the banners on, I took a step back and realized I needed some more filler.... well I was in the middle of working on a gift for my mom (she's reading this, so I cannot tell you what it is) and I had a ton of sewing patterns that were not going to get used.... alas, bunch them up and throw them into the tree, and it was love at first sight!!  Can I do this every year please??

I found these fun ornaments at a bazaar that we just happened upon one weekend and I am so glad we did!  I love them!  I bought 8 of them in all sizes......

And next year if I want, I can take out the buttons and put something else in there!!  Score!

I am sure you have seen these all over blogland, but again, I needed some more ornaments, and the theme this year was thrifted or handmade... so i whipped these babies up in about 15 minutes... walla!

Ok, so I have to confess... I had GREAT intentions of making these ornaments... but in November we went to the above mentioned favorite shop for their Holiday Open House, which was amazing if I might say so myself... live carolers and all.... ok back to the ornaments. 
While shopping my dear friend literally yelled "Oh my goodness Jenn... look and they are only $1.25!!!!"  Ok, well she had me at $1.....  I mean truly would you have made them yourself if you could buy them completed for that cheap??  SOLD!  I bought about 10 of them in all different shapes and sizes!

Here is one of the designs I did make on my own....  I see scrabble tile ornaments all over pinterest, and had to give my own taste a try.... I love them!

Here are a few other variations of the button ornaments...

My Tree topper was another score from the Christmas in the Barn shop in Shedd Oregon!  $4... hello lovely? wrap it up and take it home!  Again, the time it would take to make that is worth so much more, so I was a happy shopper to find it for $4

I added a couple of things to the mantle and snapped a couple more photos....  I kind of want to keep this year round I love it so much!

This will show you the Joy Noel Nest garland a little better.  I forgot to mention it before, but I cut the garland into 4 sections, and snipped the ends to give it a more finished look.  Then I used the smaller sections and placed them in the tree to look more like little ribbons rather than garland....

And just a little peek at my stockings... (truth be told... my living room was a mess and I couldn't get a good picture of all the stockings...)  They are a Ballard Design Knockoff!

I am so happy you stopped by!  I hope you are having a wonderful handmade holiday season.  Merry Christmas from Oregon!!

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