Monday, March 12, 2012

CKC Scrapbook Convention {A Blogger Suprise}

This year marks the 3rd year in a row that I have attended the CKC Scrapbook convention in Portland Oregon!  Last year my girlfriend Misty and I did the whole shebang....  went up early Friday morning, got a hotel and scrapped and shopped the entire weekend away. 

Needless to say we spent a ton of money and somehow convinced ourselves that we just bought enough supplies to last a LONG time, thus meaning we would not need to attend in 2012.....

OK, who were we kidding?  The pre-register date came and went like to big deal.... we kept getting the class list e-mails, the hotel deals, the vendor coupons... still no temptation.  Then 3 days before the event, I get this message on Facebook.
  • Misty
    I know it is kinda last minute but I really want to go up to convention on Saturday and was wondering if you are free and would like to go? I had kinda decided I would not go this year but the closer it gets the sadder I get that I made that that being said I would love it if you want to go with me! Let me know

  • Me
    Hello my friend!! I too said I didn't need to go this year, but I am sad that i made that decision. I want to go, but it all depends on what we have going on this week. 
Needless to say... we caved.  We quickly made plans, and I will forever say I AM SO GLAD WE DID!! OK, yea I kind of just screamed that, but there is a reason why.

I Love Blogs, truly I do.  They have opened so many new doors for me as not only a crafter, but as a person as well.

We arrived at the convention and not even 5 minutes inside the vendor faire, I noticed this super cute booth FULL of adorable clothing and accessories.  I glanced up from across the way, and saw a sign similar to this one:

OK, I was truly star struck.  Sounds funny right?  Other than they ladies are adorable and have amazing products, but the ADORNit Girls are F-A-M-O-U-S in the blog world!!   Of course I walked ran over to check out the goods.  On my first trip (yes there were a few) I spotted this adorable purse, and KNEW it had to be mine.  The scarf as well!

I chatted with the girls for a minute about how much I loved their shows on My Craft Channel, made my purchases and went on my merry way.  A couple hours of shopping went by and we were back by their booth. 

I noticed these sweet gals taking pictures with those ever so famous ADORNit ladies, so I knew I had to get in there and grab one too. 

Aren't they the cutest?  I'll answer that for you, YES!!!  OK, so that's my second trip into that booth.  In case you were counting. Oh and here is the link to the ADORNit Facebook page.

Misty and I signed up for a class where we created mini albums using Mixed Media.  I LOVE that kind of thing.    We were about 15 minutes early, but decided to use the time as a nice break.  To my surprise I walked into the room to see this fun lady standing at the front:

That is the ever so talented Shelby Dredge from Embellish It!  Again, a total surprise.  But again, she too is famous in the blog world.  And I LOVE her Tip Of The Day series on My Craft Channel as well.  I am telling you, I watch that channel religiously!!  You can also find Shelby on Facebook.

After our class (that was not taught by Shelby, boo!) we got right back to spending, and searching for all fun crafty things.  One of my favorite booths each year is Buy The Yard Ribbons.  Check out these pictures, and keep in mind, this is about 1/10 of what she has with her at the show!!

Are you drooling all over the keyboard yet, because I am, and I was there! Be sure and check her out on Facebook too! I bought a little of everything.  She had the cutest hat displayed in her booth, which inspired me to create a couple for myself.  Here is the first one I made:

And here is my daughter modeling the second one I did along with the scarf I purchased from ADORNit!

She has so much sass.  She was getting ready for bed, and I turn around and that is what she had on, including my fuchsia high heels.  Oh how I adore my 6 year old.

As we were nearing the end of the convention, we swung back into ADORNit (trip #3), because I had been eyeing a necklace that I really liked, and thought it was my only chance to buy in from them!  So I did (no pic sorry).  I also started browsing the clothing and had not realized that almost everything comes in sizes XS to 3x!  OK, I have no shame in my game, when it came to the fluff in the gene pool, I took a flying leap off the high dive.  I stole all the fluff.  And as a fluffy person it's hard to find cute clothing.  But I HAVE FOUND IT!!!  I found a super cute top, and cannot wait to show you!

I will post a picture when I wear my new finds, but I cannot tell you how excited I am to starting ordering stuff through these girls!!  And no one else in town with have it!  Yep, that was my snotty little 7th grade attitude coming out.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what fun I had this weekend!!


Adornit Chix said...

WOW thanks so much for the sweet compliments! Its adorable gals like you who make it sooooo worth traveling to these shows. Thank you so much for being such a kind face and making friends with us.

You are so wonderful,
Luvs! Alison (The ADORNit Girl)

lakesidekb said...

Just found your blog and found it to be a fun, happy read! I too love going to the CK conventions. I have gone to the Bellevue one for the past two years and am sad that I won't be able to make it this year. (Had a need to stay home this year) Looking forward to following your blog! : )

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