Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Condiment Organization {an office joke}

I am very well known in my office for saving all of the condiment packets from fast food restaurants.  It's true....  Why throw them away?  How many times have you been somewhere to eat and they forget your condiments??  There is nothing worse in my opinion.  

In our small office kitchen, we have a drawer that is dedicated to these little puppies:

Everyone is pretty well trained now to just toss in what they don't use.  It's actually quite funny to hear people joke about it, but whats REALLY funny is how many people go digging through there for stuff when theirs was forgotten.  So HA!

When we moved offices a couple years back, I actually packed these (well of course not these ones) up and moved them with us.  That really got the laughs going.

Anyhow, the other day someone was looking for soy sauce.  Of course it was "ha ha ha, Jenn probably has some somewhere"...  so I opened the drawer and started searching.  To my surprise I couldn't find any!!  What?  Or maybe we didn't have any?  Either way... I was left feeling a little UN-organized... I was sure there had to be some in there....

I took the drawer into my office and started this:

A little sorting turned into this:

 A LOT of sorting!  I was loving this.  All those bright colors and such organization.  I knew it had to stay this way.  I perused the office for something/anything to organize that drawer and came across these:

It was the best I could do.  So I measured the height of the drawer and starting cutting these paper cups down to fit inside.

I filled the drawer with the cups, and then loaded them up with every kind of condiment you could imagine!  It was pure organizational bliss, I could hear the choirs sing as the horrible florescent light shined down upon them!

But, can you believe I truly had no soy sauce???  But everyone is so relieved they will no longer have to search for packets again!

Thanks for checking out my cheesy, but fun post!!  Are you going to start saving these?  Do you already save them?  I want to know if I am the only crazy one!!  Please share!!


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