Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spray Paint Storage {a quick fix}

Last night the hubs and I stepped out into the "Man Room" for a bit to start organizing his workbench. (more on that later) He was joking earlier in the day that MY workshop was getting spendy.... haha! Then it occurred to me that I really have only asked him for one thing in that whole room. 

Paint storage!! We both use paint, but let's face it, I am a self proclaimed paint junkie!! I love my paint!! 

Behind the door into the workshop use to be the home for all of our packet goods in the stockpile

I was getting ready to take this all down, when it hit me!  Spray Paint could live here!!!

I probably paid $5 for this over the door shoe holder years ago, so to me this was a FREE solution, PLUS I didn't feel like I was taking up any man space.

When I started stocking my new home, I realized that I have to have a shelf for my essentials, such as Flat Black, Heirloom White, Primer, Clear coat and Chalkboard.  I just have too many of them for this to hold.  So this will be my color choice slings!

I am sure there is storage like this somewhere else out there in blogland, but for just one moment I had that total light bulb moment strike and was having pure organizational bliss once again!  

I hope this inspires you to organize your own spray paint, or heck, maybe it will inspire you to start hoarding using it!!  Either way, I am happy to share this idea!

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