Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Organizing The Closet {printable labels}

I am getting down and dirty with this spring cleaning business!  The bedroom remodel really set the tone in my household.  I was so motivated to organize everything!

I started with my Hall Closet

and moved onto Gabi's closet.  She's got a big closet, but she has even more stuff than any 6 year old should know what to do with.  

It's always pretty organized, but the truth is that unless I am the one to put the laundry away it never gets put in the right place.  (sorry hub's)

So I am making it that much easier for everyone to know where things belong.

She is loving it, and look forward to putting her own laundry away.  She's also been showing this off to everyone!

I went with the turquoise damask print, because it is something that can grow with the room, and since it is in the closet, who care if it goes with the rest of the room. 

I used the baskets that I had leftover from the hall closet org project to hold her overflow items.  Yes Socks for her are an "overflow" because she hates to wear them!!

And you betcha, I am sharing my labels with you all!!  I've been having fun creating them and cant wait to see everyone else put them to use!

Just click on the link below, download and print!  I did laminate mine, and then used my ATG adhesive to stick them to everything.

Enjoy, and don't forget to share pictures over at my Facebook page if you do use these.  I LOVE to see what my readers do!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Lisa said...

I did this in my craft room and it's been so great! I love having everything in the proper place!

morrest1101 said...

Do you have a link for your facebook page?

Jen C. said...

Perfect and lovely! What little girl wouldn't love it?!? :-)

Jen C. said...

I just linked up to follow with Mr. Linky too - really like that tool!

Richella said...

What a great idea! You're so organized--and you make everything look great in addition to being organized. Thank you so much for sharing the printable labels!

Thanks so much for joining me for the Grace at Home party!

hurley thurston said...

Thank you so much for the printables. I want to do my closet tonite!! I would do it all RIGHT NOW, but I have to pick up the kiddos in 20 minutes. :-)

Ana Iris Mason said...

hi i would love to use your template but i says its private is there a way i can download them thank you. my email is

Priyanka Sen Biswas said...

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