Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY MRE Meal Kits {Free Printable}

Today I am sharing a little detail from my sons ARMY party.  Today’s post is all about the food.


When you think of ARMY what food do you think of?  I know I think of those brown paper package’s dropped from the sky.  The real term for them is an MRE - Meal Ready to Eat.

All you do is add water and you have a delightful meal. I thought for the party I could order some online (link above), but I also thought the kids really might not like what’s inside.

So what does this crafty mom do?  Design my own!  Ok, well I found the design I wanted, and then handed it over to my trusty best friend to do her graphic design magic.  Yes, truly magic!!


She found the most perfect fonts, and created these in no time.

I had her design two, one that says Ham, and one that says Turkey.

I found the perfect brown food Box on Amazon.

Inside the Boxes I created perfect meal kits for growing 9 year old boys.

Build your own sandwiches.  Each kit had 2 slices of bread, one slice of cheese, and two slices of meat.  Each in their own baggies to prevent soggy bread.  As for condiments I purchased individual packets of mayonnaise (Kraft Real Mayo)and mustard (Heinz Mild Mustard) .


Each kit also got a squeeze applesauce, granola bar, bag of chips and a Wet Ones!  It was the perfect combo for the boot campers!


With the warm weather and these active boys, I made the call to serve ice cold water.  Now, not just plain old water, but ARMY water.   What’s ARMY water you ask??


ARMY water is nothing other than old fashioned tap water (we have excellent water here in Oregon) served in an authentic military Canteen !!


These were a HUGE hit!  I chose to use a sharpie to write names, rather than a label, due to the fact that I knew they would get pretty wet and gross during the course of the day.

Here is the best part of this post!  I have the printable MRE labels available for FREE!!   You can use them with the Avery labels ???? or full sheet labels and just cut them out.

All you need to do is click on the link below, and print!!

You can also check out my post for DIY Screen printing and see how I made their army shirts. And also check out the full ARMY party.

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