Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY Screen Printing

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As part of my sons ARMY birthday party I wanted to create some special items for each of the kids to take home as party favors.


I knew the ARMY shirts were a must for this occasion.  I used the DIY screen printing method,using Freezer Paper .

You will need:
Craft cutter (Cricut)(or you can draw your own, and use an X-Acto #2 Knife to cut it out)

I started by using my Gypsy (now you can use Cricut Design Space) to create the design I was wanting.  Remember that you will need to flip the design, this is called a mirror image.


Next I cut my Freezer Paper into 12x12 sheets to fit on my Cricut Cutting Mat .


You will need to place your Freezer Paper on the mat paper side down.  Which means the shiny side will face up.


Once your design is cut, you will remove it from the mat, being careful that you don’t tear your design.   Do not throw any of the pieces out, keep them all!!  Trust me!!


This is what you should be left with on the mat.  You have now  created your stencil.  


Lay your T-Shirt out on the ironing board, and then place your stencil (shiny side down) in the place you would like the screen printing to be. 

Using your Mini Crafting Iron , carefully press onto the design.  It will lightly adhere to the shirt.


You will then need to grab any of the smaller pieces of your design to complete the centers. (not everyone will have this.)


Carefully iron those on.  Then using your Mini Crafting Iron , go over the entire design to insure a good seal on all edges.


MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL:   Place a piece of cardboard inside of the T-shirt.  If you do not, your paint will go through to the back of the shirt.  Not good friends, not good! 



You are now ready to apply the paint.  I used Tulip Fabric Paint in Black , found on Amazon or at any craft store.  It works great, and is washable. 


Using a Foam Brush , you will dab light amounts onto the shirt inside the stencil area.  Be careful not to brush too hard, or you will tear and lift your design.  

I find it best to brush (if you have to) away from the edges.  Just be careful!


Once you have applied paint over the entire design, you are ready to remove the stencil.  Do not wait for it to dry.  Again, just be careful.

You can leave the shirt laying flat, or hand it to dry.  You will want it to dry for at least 12 hours.


And there you have it.  Your own T-shirt screen printing.


You can go check out this entire ARMY birthday party and also check out my FREE DIY MRE Printables for your party.

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