Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Rustic Fence Backdrop {Tutorial}

Another ARMY post, are you tired of them yet?
When I was planning the design I knew I was going to need a backdrop of some sort.  I started racking my brain. 

I thought about burlap, then chain link fence, and then it hit me.  Use the old fence boards stacked on the side of the house!


It was just what I was wanting.  So I started gathering supplies and put them on the deck where I planned on building my wall.

I used about 18 fence boards, 2 furring strips, and a bunch of wood screws. 

 The boards were all super gross and dirty, and some started breaking as I screwed them in.  But to me this adds character.


I laid my furring strips parallel on the deck, and used a 2x4 along the bottom to insure a straight edge.  Then I just started screwing them on.  Each board took 2 screws.


Here it is all put together.


Once it was all put together, I sprayed it down with the hose, and started scrubbing to wash off some of the gunk.



Once I finished, I propped it up against my garden fence to dry.  I left it there for about 2 days.  It was nice and dry, and ready to use!


It was exactly what I wanted!  Now that the party is over, I have this fence panel sitting in my back yard. 

I know I will come up with something to use it on, but for now, it’s part of the kids’ fort.


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