Friday, October 5, 2012

Hutch Makeover {Thrifted Gem}

 It's been about a year since I snagged this beauty  diamond in the rough at my local thrift store!   I brought it into the space in the middle of the winter, so I simply put it to use trying to ignore the "old" factor.

I snagged this baby for $70, but wait! It gets better.... it was on half price special!!  After zero hesitation, I walked ran to the register and screamed... I WANT IT!!!   $35?!?!?   Crazy right?

It sat until I discovered Chalk Paint!  I realized I didn't to tape everything off, and that I could paint it in place!   Score!  So this past weekend I got to work. 

First to start clearing it out.

Which left heaps of very pretty and colorful dishes on my kitchen table.   I could stare at them forever, but let's move on....

I did bring in my painters tarp to protect my flooring.  But I will be honest, I can't stand that floor and am anxiously awaiting the day we get to rip in out. 

And I got to work painting.  I used my DIY Chalk Paint recipe, along with Behr Creamy White flat paint.  It took me 2 coats to get the coverage I was after.  I finished it off with Annie Sloan clear wax.

I left the back blank for a reason... onto that in a minute. When choosing the color I was really wanting to go with a fun color to pop against my walls.  

But being that I am a Fiestaware collecting fool, I chose white so that my dishes were the "pop" of color.   However I did not want a plain old boring white nothing to it hutch.... thus leading us to the next step!

CON-TACT Paper!!!!   I found some amazing choices of this fun self adhesive shelf liner, but went with a more classic approach.  Also a neutral color to help with the fore mentioned "pop" of color.

Here she is!  I chose to keep the original hardware to give it the shabby appeal.  

Check out the POP!!!  :)  I'm loving every.single.detail on this piece!

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