Monday, September 22, 2014

Building Our Dream {Part 3}

Welcome back for part three of this crazy journey as we turn our house into a bigger home.  If you missed part one click here, or part two click here

I want to warn you that this is a very picture heavy post because lets face it.... how fun are these pictures anyways?  Its literally step by step how this was built.  And the faster I share these, the sooner I get to share the pretty pictures that everyone is dying to see.

If you can think back to winter of 2014 that is where we left off.  Oregon winter is full of rain..... which makes for really fun construction zones. 

This was a pretty exciting day when the Truss Co. pulled up first thing in the morning.  I remember feeling like we were soon going to have a real addition.   Oh and that mud pile.... yea that is the walkway to my front door.  So for about a month we were having to use our back door to get in and out of the house.

More Oregon rain for ya.  The white pipes are eventually going to help the ground water situation along with the sump pump that was also installed.

Once the trusses were installed they wasted no time getting the sheeting places and the tar paper laid down.  It was time to close er up!

This is looking at the back of our existing house from inside the addition.  I remember feeling really open to the world in the middle of winter.  It made for cold mornings and lots of hot cocoa by the fire at night.

Then came my very first design choice.... color and style of shingles.  I had NO idea how many options there were.  We went with Colonial Grey.

 Roofing materials arrived, another exciting day at our house.  It meant no worries for leaks.... remember it was full blown winter in Oregon, don't let this picture fool you!

The back of the house was first in line, then it was time to tackle the front.  This is how the front looked for a good 2 weeks.

If you notice in this picture, I have plywood windows.  Yea, pretty much awesome to look at while you are doing dishes.  

Then came the day that they cut into the front of the existing  house and one of the guys decided it was a good idea to step off of the beam..... wrong!  This is what I came home to when I opened the pantry!

Close to a skylight, but not exactly in the place I had in mind.  Oh well, no one was hurt, so we moved on.

Once the roof was on, they started framing the interior walls.  This is the first look at the new interior layout. 

They got the sheeting hung on the exterior front walls and finished the roof.  Then we moved on to hang Tyvek and install the windows.

Today I will leave you with a little before and after shot of the house and where it was just 3 months into this project.  I am so in love with how this is all coming together, and cant wait to share the fun details soon!

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