Friday, January 23, 2015

DIY Upholstered Platform Bed {Fit for a Queen}

For Christmas our 9 year old asked Santa for a Queen sized bed, and as you can imagine I quickly realized what this meant.  It meant somehow I would sell her current twin sized bed, Santa would bring her Queen sized mattress (oh and she requested memory foam) and then somehow we would have a bed frame for this said mattress to go on. 
Well let me tell you, Santa is one amazing man, and left us with a big picture of the bed, and a delivery slip for a later date so that we had time to "prep" the room.  aka;Mom and Dad needed to build a bed.
While she was at her cousins house, we quickly got started making her an upholstered bed frame using this tutorial. 
I wont go into full detail, but I will tell you that it was such a fun and easy project.  We built the base in about 2 hours (including the fabric) and made the headboard the following day in about an hour.
We modified the plans and went with the less expensive 1x3's rather than the 1x4's.  We just added a few more total for added strength.
I also used regular batting, but did see that you could save some money by using egg crate pads.  I may try this next time.
We shopped around for legs and really didn't find any that would work and give it the look that we wanted.  This takes a little bit of talent, but was worth it in the end.  This is also part of the tutorial I mentioned above.
Here it is on the first night.  She was coming home and we wanted to make sure it was all ready for her for the night.  She was over the moon excited about her new bed!
The next day I started working on the headboard and discovered that my fabric wasn't wide enough to cover the size I needed.  So, I took three equal sections and sewed them together to create the perfect size and made it look like it was supposed to be that way.  Worked perfect, I like to call that a happy mistake.
I found the perfect accent color to go with her new bedding and made some buttons  for the tufts.
These are super easy to make, and they really do change the look!
I used 6 layers of batting for the headboard, and I think it turned out perfect. 
For a short but large project I think it turned out amazing!  I couldn't be happier.  I also used Scotch Guard to seal the fabric to hopefully give it a longer life!
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