Saturday, February 21, 2015

DIY Barn Style Pantry Doors

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I'm hoping you have seen our final kitchen reveal post and got to see how it all came together!  Part of the process was figuring out a solution for a pantry.
In our original plans, half of this wall was going to come down and become an island and the other half would be a panty.  Well that all changed when we decided on double ovens and a cooktop.  I was totally ok trading an island for these babies.  We ended up creating a "coffee nook"  to also serve as a landing spot when pulling hot things out of the oven.  Creating that space left us with that much smaller of a pantry.
We had moved into our kitchen and had piles of food items on the counters and other places in the house, and I literally couldn't take it anymore. 
My husband handyman was so busy working on the whole remodel that he really wasn't interested in building a pantry, so I took matters into my own hands....
I headed straight to Home Depot and kindly asked for some help to not only load my MDF onto my cart, but to also cut it precisely to match my amazing sketch. 
We loaded it onto a cart and into the car and I was on my way.
Notice anything in this picture?  Those are the legs of said husband.  He couldn't stand the thought of me doing this against his will, so he jumped right in and helped.

We used our Kreg Jig to build these units. Trust me when I say, you want a Kreg Jig!
I must say.... having him there made this go much faster, and being that this house was built in 1952 the walls aren't perfect by any means so having his extra elbow grease to shimmy this in was a win!
The top portion was built custom to fit items that we have in our pantry.  Lot's of Tupperware containers, canned foods and then Misc. boxes.  I wanted to make sure there would be no wasted space.
We built both units in one day and got right into the putty and painting process!
Just having this shell was exciting.  We didn't have a plan for the doors at this point, I was focused on the thought of function for the kitchen.  That wore off quickly!
About 2 months later after looking at a very cluttered pantry for too long, we decided to build some doors.  Neither one of us have ever built anything like this, and to be honest we were pretty hesitant. We drew up some plans and just went for it.   Here we are again in our workshop/living room.
We built the frames out of regular pine boards from Lowes.  We used 2 sizes to build these.
Once the frames were built, we did a fit check to make sure they were going to work.  And they sure did!
We added some bead board paneling to the backside, 3 hinges on each side, some paint, two handles and this is what we got!  They turned out WAY better than we had ever imagined.  We used the same synthetic oil paint from the kitchen and painted these with a foam roller.  The finish turned out great.
Ok, so here is the dirty truth.... the inside is still not finished.   I have some fun plans in there, but right now we just keep the doors closed and are happy!
Such a better space with some simple doors.  I think these doors would be amazing as sliding barn doors in the right location.  So easy, lightweight and have that barn door look.
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