Thursday, February 19, 2015

Laundry Room Progress

This room is so exciting in more ways than one.  I don't even have a photo of the sad space in our garage that was called the laundry room for over 50 years.  Mama finally has a real laundry room that is bright and will be so cheery, a place you would actually want to do laundry!
It all started with this tile for the floor.  The tile sales man really wanted to sell this tile, so he gave it to us for such a cheap price, and I was SO excited to have something different on the floor.  This was not at all what we set out to put in here, but couldn't be happier.
The space is awkward to take photos  of due to the placement of the doors, so I'll show you the main project space we are working on right now.  Started with this blank slate.
Just having my washer and brand new gas dryer sitting in there made my heart happy!
It sat like this for weeks as we thought about what we wanted to do in here.  Once the plans were drawn, we got right to building on our workshop.... I mean living room.  Its a great dual purpose space!
We built a surround for the washer and dryer along with a sink base using some plywood we had left over from other projects.  We used more of our free pine planks to create the countertops in here as well.
Using some pine from Lowes, we trimmed out the entire base and prepped for staining.
During the planning process I searched for the perfect utility sink.  So many are either too pricey or too cheap.  I went to our locally owned home improvement store and the kindest gentleman told me about a closeout kitchen sink he had sitting up on a shelf.  He pulled this beauty down and I knew it was perfect.  It's deep, its plastic and I know that small right side will make the perfect soaking sink for stains, all the while not taking up the entire sink.  And I paid $99!
Time to stain.  We used Minwax gel stain for this, and I hate to say it but I don't remember what color we used. 
Here is what it looked like after brushing it on, without wiping.
And this is where the magic began.  Look at those!!  I think they are stunning if I do say so myself.
We did 3 coats of polycryclic, and will do 2 more once the entire room is done, just to give it a little extra protection.
She is so puuuurdy!
Once the base was in, it was time to plan for the upper cabinets.  We used the left over kitchen cabinets (yes my $100 cabinets had enough for an entire kitchen and laundry room) to create the perfect storage.
We built some open shelving between them and added some pine trim to make the entire piece blend together.  You would never know they weren't built together.
I will leave you with this sneak peek of what's to come.  My husband has been working very hard on this project trying to finish it up and mark it off the never ending list, and I cannot wait to share more progress with you!
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I hope you have a fantastic DIY day!


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