Saturday, June 16, 2012

Carnival Party {With Shine}

Today we were FINALLY able to celebrate our daughters 7th Birthday.  Her actual birthday is on May 4th, but life happens and our attention was needed elsewhere.

However, the original party date that we had to cancel got rained out anyways, so I consider it a blessing in disguise.  Right?

We did a carnival party for my nephew in September, and my daughter had so much fun that she wanted the same thing.  So this mom got creative and came up with ways to add some girly flair. 

Pictures say a thousand words, so please enjoy them.  And if you have any questions about details, please do ask!

Now this momma is exhausted.  Time to take a hot shower, and put my feet up!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

p.s.  I love comments.... just sayin'  ;)


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